2. This is Jack. Jack is Majestic. Look at jack.

  3. I found another picture I liked from today.

  4. I finally took my camera out again. It was a beautiful day on the rims.

  6. The fountain was frozen this morning D: 

  7. took this when we went to a garage sale during photography class this morning.


  8. Leave me some feedback, people!

    being a photographer is a hard thing, at least for me it is. I’m always worried, is what I did good enough? did I catch the image in the way I saw it inside my mind? Usually the answer is yes, but lately.. It’s been fading.. A lot of it is due to the lack of feedback I get for my pictures, the pictures I think are absolutely amazing, nobody likes. Well, that may not be true. I think some people like them but that might just be me being delusional. but on a serious not, leave me a message or something telling me what you think.. it would help a lot.. thanks guys.